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Complete Home Health Care

In-Home Assessment

Before Covenant Home Care starts your home health care plan, we need to assess your needs. This assessment is performed in home by one of Covenant Home Care’s home care registered nurses. This comprehensive assessment is performed under the directive of your physician and oftentimes involves your family and includes:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Heart Rate
  • Weight Evaluation
  • Pain Assessment
  • Medication Review
  • Physical Assessment, including ears; eyes, nose, mouth; mental, neurological, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory status

During this preliminary assessment the registered nurse will also perform a general health screening to document past immunizations, mammograms, cervical and testicular cancer screenings. This will include:

  • Diet & Nutrition Assessment
  • Assess Self-Care Abilities
  • Summary of home care needs, including recommendations for community services

In addition to those listed above, persons who meet Medicare/Medicaid or Blue Cross and Blue Shield criteria for home health care must have the following assessments performed to see if they qualify for future home health care benefits:

  • Comprehensive Safety Assessment
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Activities of Daily Living, including grooming, feeding, etc.
  • Health Risk Factor Assessment
  • Caregiver Assessment

If the nurse finds that you meet the criteria for home health care services, the nurse will begin the process for admission into home health care services.

The assessment also will cover your funding options, and help determine what benefits you are eligible through Medicare and other venues.

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